2021-2022 Programme

  • September 14th

    Talk Ranunculaceae

    Peter Williams

    Peter was former Principal lecturer at York St John Univerity. Rununculaceae is a family of over 2000 known species of flowering plants of 43 genera' distributed world wide. The carpet genera are Ranunculus Delphinium, Thalictruim, Clematis & Aconitum. I am told it's the Buttercup plant.

  • October 18th

    Talk Pruning & Training

    Michael Myers

    A welcome return to Michael Myers who this evening will show us how to prune our plants.

  • December 9th

    Talk Confessions of a Plantaholic

    Razvan Chisu

    Born In Transylvania & fortunate to grow up in a Botanical Garden, Razvan developed a passion for plants. He has a BSc degree in Horticulture & did a 2 year Master of Science course at his home university in Cluj. After working for 2 years in the 300 year old Herbarium in the Botanical Garden in Cluj, he started working as a freelance gardener in both Romania & now also in the UK.

  • December 14th

    Talk Under Glass: The Coming of the Greenhouse

    Marilyn Elm

    A very warm welcome to Marilyn who will tell us of the technical innovation of cloches to greenhouses & how it has enabled the gardener to grow & showcase 'exotics' from all corners of the world.

  • January 11th

    Talk The Answer Lies in the Soil

    Prof. Alastair Fitter

    A very warm welcome return to Alastair Fitter. a distinguished plant ecologist specializing in phenology, a study of how plants & animal life are influenced by variations in climate.

  • February 9th

    Talk Plants & Medicines

    Susan Owen-Hughes

    Please give a warm welcome to Sarah, who is an experienced education professional, skilled in plant science, soil science, plant identification, landscaping, sustainability & garden design.

  • March 8th

    Talk Confessions From a Norwegian Gardener

    Tommy Tonsberg

    Tommy is a photographer, writer, broadcaster & Editor-in-Chief of Hagedrom - Norway's newest gardening magazine. He runs a small nursery & open garden outside Oslo, has written 4 gardening books & translates gardening books into Norwegian.

  • April 12th

    Plant Auction

    Nidderdale Hardy Planters

    We will be hosting a plant auction.

  • May 10th

    Talk Euphorbias

    Don Witton

    A welcome return visit for Don from Sheffield where he holds a National Collection of Euphorbias on his allotment. An enthusiastic & excellent speaker on many horticultural topics.