2015-2016 Programme

  • September 8th

    A talk about Alpines

    Michael Darvill

    Michael trained at Askham Bryan and has an interest in all plants, large and small. He has been to the Himalayas to study alpines and other plants in their native habitat, and has also worked as a volunteer in the Jerusalem Botanical gardens working with plants from all round the world. Michael has worked as head gardener at a private garden in Derbyshire; from there he went to Scampston Hall, then Arley Arboretum in Worcestershire. He is now working on a private garden near Osmotherley. Michael's talk will, I am sure, tell us a lot about Alpines and also about their native habitat

  • October 13th

    Autumnal Interest in the Garden

    Michael Myers

    Michael is a self confessed plantaholic, this is his words, and his weakness is snowdrops. He has a half acre of garden on a steep south-west facing slope with woodland to the east, which is based at Smelthouses, Summerbridge. He has 3 National Plant Collections Anemone nemorosa, Hepatica & Primula marginata; this is along with many other plants such as roses, bog plants and alpines. We look forward to his talk and planting ideas for Autumnal Interest for our gardens.

  • November 10th

    Annual General meeting

    Then a talk by Jens Nielson - Up the Yangtze River

    Jens has had nearly 20 years of experience as a propagator and gardener. His previous post was as head gardener at Brodick Castle, on the Isle of Arran, the home of 3 national collections of rhododendrons. He has recently joined the team at the Himalayan Gardens & Sculpture Park near Grewelthorpe. The location of this garden has proved to be an ideal for growing plants normally found in the Himalayas and has a large collection of Rhododendrons, Azaleas as well as Magnolias. It has been extended over the last few years to include a lake and many other features. Jens's talk will give us a flavour of the natural habitat of many of these plants.

  • December 8th

    New Zealand, the islands, her plants, garden & people

    Howard Drury

    Howard Drury was born in Lincolnshire worked & trained locally before going to Edinburgh Botanic Gardens as a student. He then worked for 20 years as Horticultural Training Officer, researcher & presenter on Central TV's Gardening Time. Howard now runs gardening clubs, runs gardening holidays around the world and much more. We are in for a treat as Howard uses the latest computer, projection and audio technology for his talks so sit back and relax and enjoy a tour of New Zealand, its plants, gardens and people.

  • January 12th

    Unusual Bulbs

    Kevin Pratt

    This is a return visit for Kevin Pratt, who gave us a talk in September 2010. Kevin has an obsession with growing unusual plants which started 30 years ago, his words not mine. His talk will feature unusual & strange flowering bulbs, Arisaema, plus other unusual bulbs which you may like to try. All the plants grow in his Stockport garden and include Fritillaria, Eucomis, Polygonatum & much more. I am sure that Kevin's talk will give us inspiration to try and grow something a little different in our gardens.

  • February 9th

    Too many plants too little space

    Bob Brown

    Bob Brown runs Cotswold Garden Nursery near Badsey, which is hard to locate but despite that very well known. Bob pursued his dream of working in horticulture after a career in teaching and he is now in partnership with his son Edmund. The nursery stocks more than 12,000 different plants which consist of unusual perennials and selected shrubs, which are all trialled before they are put on sale in the nursery. If you cannot visit the nursery there is a mail order service. I am sure that all of us, however small or large your garden is, have had the same problem. You fall in love with a plant, you buy it and then get home and wonder where it will fit. I will say no more except come and listen to Bob's talk.

  • March 8th

    Agapanthus cultivation & propagation

    Steven Hickman

    Steven Hickman runs Hoyland Plant Nursery in South Yorkshire dealing mainly in Agapanthus, of which he has the national collection. His attraction to Agapanthus started when he was given a gift of 2 plants, the giant blue and the giant white Agapanthus. He is a frequent exhibitor at the RHS garden shows. His talk is of a practical nature discussing the main areas of cultivation and propagation, stem cuttings, root cuttings, division, tissue culture & seed sowing. There will be plants for sale.

  • April 12th

    Plant Auction

    Nidderdale Hardy Planters

    Nidderdale Hardy Planters very own plant auction

  • May 10th

    A Gardener's Ramblings

    Martin Walker

    Martin Walker has spent a lifetime in gardening having been encouraged by his grandfather. He started his career with Leeds Parks from 1972 to 2011. He has prepared & advised in the design & the delivery of a number of RHS Chelsea flower show gardens including Leeds University Garden which won gold in 2012. He was the head gardener at York Gate Gardens in Adel, Leeds and has only recently retired. Martin will continue to expand and share his passion, experience & knowledge of horticulture. Martin's talk will give us a "hands on view" of the challenges of design, restoration and maintenance of gardens for future generations and I am sure will have plenty of tips for us.