2013-2014 Programme

  • September 10th

    The Moon, Muck & Magic

    Trevor Roger

    What does make things grow in the garden? Why do some plants fail whilst others thrive in the same conditions? Trevor describes this talk as "the science of gardening for the non-scientific". He was a founder member & chairman of the Northern Fruit Group, Trevor now has more time to devote to his "hobbies" fruit growing & helping others discover the enjoyment of successful gardening.

  • October 8th

    Something Nasty in the garden

    Pippa Greenwood

    Pippa began her career at RHS Wisley where she ran the Plant Pathology Dept answering 1000's of queries every year. Since then she has become one of the UK’s most regular contributors to many TV & radio programmes; including being the gardening consultant for the murder mystery TV series: "Rosemary & Thyme". Author of many books on Gardening, her talks are always entertaining & are based on a real understanding of a working garden.

  • November 12th

    Tales of a Modern Day Plant Hunter

    Tom Hart Dyke

    Tom first shot to international prominence in 2000 when he was kidnapped in the Columbian jungle on a plant hunting expedition that went dangerously wrong. In the depths of despair when they were told to prepare to die, Tom designed in his diary his dream garden – the now famous "World Garden" at Lullingstone Castle. When he was eventually released and returned home he and his travelling companion wrote the book, "The Cloud Garden" detailing their experiences in the jungle. He describes himself as a plant nut.

  • December 10th

    Going to Pot

    Roger Burnett

    Back by popular demand after his successful talk about being an RHS Judge at Chelsea, Roger will lead his team in a light hearted Q&A answer session to solve all your festive, horticultural problems. In his "day job", Roger now leads Scarborough's Environment team after many years running Scarborough Council's parks and countryside department

  • January 14th

    Shaping History – the Gardens at Levens Hall

    Chris Crowder

    Head gardener Chris Crowder has worked at Levens Hall for over 20 years. On his shoulders lie the responsibility for the maintenance and cosseting of the grounds, which are bordered to one side by England's oldest ha-ha (a barrier ditch created around a formal garden to keep livestock out, but without spoiling the view). With a smile, Chris admits that it's no laughing matter caring for more than 100 large topiarised bushes and trees, a mixture of box, English and golden yews. Once the season closes in October, topiary tonsures commence and delicate re-shaping continues right through until April. Some shapes are self-explanatory; birds have their wings clipped while the 9m- (30ft-) high great umbrellas become a shade lighter.

  • February 11th

    Clematis through the seasons

    Chris Cocks

    Taylors Clematis Nursery was established in 1982 and is a family run business. His Clematis nursery is located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. About fourteen years ago the nursery developed a specialist interest in clematis and since that time has collected over 300 different varieties of this beautiful and varied cultivar. Taylors Clematis are now multiple RHS Gold Medalists

  • March 11th

    Fantastic Foliage - Holden Clough Nursery

    John Foley

    John "helped" his Dad in the family nursery throughout his childhood taking over responsibility in 2009. Winning the very first BBC Young Gardener of the Year in 2012, he now proudly flies the flag for young gardeners everywhere. He qualified in Landscape Design & Garden Management at Askham Bryan and uses this knowledge to underpin his development of the nursery & his entries to National Garden Shows.

  • April 22nd

    Scent and Desirability

    Dr. Andrew Ward

    Dr. Ward, a Plant Scientist and nurseryman, specialises in choice and unusual herbaceous perennials in his one acre garden at Norwell with more than 2,500 different plants. Andrew lectures widely throughout the country undertaking approximately 50 talks a year in Feb, March, April and then Sept, Oct and the beginning of Nov. He has been asked to give key note talks at prestigious events such as The Hardy Plant Society Autumn Weekends and National Annual General Meetings as well as regular monthly meetings to regional Hardy Plant Societies, regional NCCPG groups, local gardening groups, florist groups and WI's. He is often booked over two years in advance of the talk.

  • May 13th

    Plant Auction

    At King James school

    For those who would like to bring plants for auction, please can you label them.

  • June 29th

    Arley Hall and Gardens & Bluebell Cottage Gardens

    A double outing to Arley Hall and Gardens & Bluebell Cottage Gardens

  • July 27th

    Holehird Gardens & Levens Gardens

    A double outing to Holehird Gardens & Levens Gardens